Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fervent Prayers and our life in KSA

I have always been a firm believer of the power of prayer. But I was not expecting mine to be answered too soon! Not that I am complaining :). Indeed God works in mysterious ways. His plans never fail and they always come as a wonderful surprise.

You know my kids and I would pray the Holy Rosary and part of our prayer is for my husband to be able to land a good job that would give him so much better opportunities in terms of career growth, better benefits, a package that will ensure that our family will be well provided for. And a job that will bring us to a country where we are able to attend mass. Never did I expect that He would bring us back to the Philippines, I was thinking more of Canada or Singapore. But the Lord can also be a good comedian I laughed when I realized later on that I was not specific about the country of my choice hahaha!

But still my husband and I are humbled by the continuous blessings He sends our way. First, the Lord's plan. A decision. And then acceptance.

It's really funny that I should be missing Saudi Arabia, when the first time my husband told me that he'd bring us there, I was adamant. For me it meant giving up my Señorita days. I had to give up our loyal nanny for a life where I would be her predecessor. Lol!

But life in KSA turned out well, oh forget those times we had to wait long for payday. Overall, our life was simply lived, our kids became more tolerant of each other's shortcomings, we were far from problems though not our own, we carried as if we were part of it. Best of all we learned how to deal with the locals, the Indians, Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Nepalese, Bangladesh, Sri Lankans, South Africans, and the other OFWs.

Despite what the word "abroad" connotes let me tell you that our life abroad was not all a bed of roses. But we all learned. My eldest, though reluctantly at first, learned to wash the dishes. While her two other siblings developed skills of their own... Cooking rice, keeping the room clean, folding fresh dry clothes, extra pair of hands in the kitchen ;) My husband and I, on the other hand, learned to be self-sufficient. We both learned how to bake bread! Our own pandesal. And I became a hands-on mom to my children. I realized that my role at home is not bad at all. Saudi definitely changed us and it was a good change.

For now this is all I've got to share...more keep posted ;)

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Roly Manansala said...

Kudos! Yes the ofw life can teach us surprising things. I know this does not count, but YEARS AGO when I was on scholarship in Germany I had to wipe tables and cook Chinese food in this restaurant where I worked. I was a senorito of the house before I left, but that 1 year in Germany opened my eyes!