Monday, May 30, 2016

My Potterheads

Every night my eldest son would fix the living room, close the curtains, prepare snacks and drinks and watch Harry Potter with his youngest brother. They have finished all series about 2-3 weeks ago (and even bought a couple of books) and they are still at it. They don’t mind watching the darn movie over and over again. It is not surprising though as; in all fairness it does ignite their imagination. I remember a time when they were little, when their object of fascination was Naruto. That time to support their love for this anime, I made them a kunai using a couple of cardboards. Being the little kids that they were, they were gripped with delight! And so was I…for them!

Recently, their love for Harry Potter stirred them to research on all sort of things Harry P! They would talk to me about it endlessly. Often I would hear them animatedly put a magic spell on each other. Their vocabulary words already include Accio which they use when “summoning” their nanny, Sheila. Alohomora, when they want to open the fridge, and Expelliarmus when they pretend to fight using my small bamboo stick as wands. 

The stairs have an actual cupboard underneath
Then they got crazy about Butter Beer! Relentlessly they searched the internet for more information about the magical beverage. In my mind I was already planning a surprise. I must admit, I am quite the adventurer. I just love the idea of breathing life into the things that my children can only imagine! Making memories with them is something that am really fond of doing. It’s a big thing for me… a sort of legacy, something to remember me by. So as they’ve made Harry Potter part of our daily conversation, I announced to them one day, that I know of a place that serves Butter Beer. As soon as I said that they were all over me! They wanted to go right there and then but I told them to hold their horses as I want their sister to come with us. And so it was agreed.

Yay to Butter Beer!

The plan DID go through despite the fact that I dislike driving through EDSA! However, that day, I had no choice but to bring the car. After a couple of wrong turns, we finally arrived at The Nook! The resto opened at 1pm and we were already there before 12noon. It was good though that we were early as we’ve been told by someone from the small resto nearby that the place really attracted a good number of patrons. We were first in line and got the best seat! The place was really small but very comfy. And they had wands, robes like the ones that Harry, Hermione, and Ron wore, a broomstick, and a good number of books! It was a pretty cool place! The kids were ecstatic! They just couldn't contain their happiness. And most of all they got their taste of Butter Beer! 

heavy rains did not deter these people
By the time we got our orders the place was packed. And there was a long line of people outside waiting to be seated. It even rained but even that did not discourage the diners, some of them, already wet from waiting outside the resto. My kids, and our nanny were in awe and so was I! All in all, it was a great experience for everyone! 

Oh! And before I forget, my son made this Hogwarts Acceptance letter, which he would put by our doorstep pretending he got one! (eyes rolling)


Zwitsy said...

I am sure your kids had really enjoyed your venture there! I just can't image how excited they were when you tell them of visiting the nook!

Chubskulit Rose said...

They must be so thrilled with your surprise. I am so curious about that butter beer!

Fernando Lachica said...

Nice way to guide children in exploring new things while they're growing up. Of course, they'll discover something useful for their own lives later on.

Ria C said...

Well, that's one good concept for a restaurant. I am not a big HP fan and I don't know much about it but seeing that you all enjoyed makes me really curious about the HP story. :)

carenmeman said...

Thanks! They really did enjoy! I think creating memories with our kids should be number 1 in our list 😊

Mommy Peach said...

We've always wanted to try The Nook because my daughter is also crazy about Harry Potter but when we pass by it, we always see a lot of people lined up.