Friday, July 8, 2016

Popping it up with Good Meal Hunting

My marinating, prepping up, and eventual cooking of the dishes that I was bringing to the pop up kitchen organized by Good Meal Hunting went through without a hitch. Thanks to my ever reliable nanny Sheila and my youngest son, everything went on smoothly except that we forgot the parsley that I was supposed to use for plating. My husband knows how much I abhor driving through Edsa as I expected traffic to be horrible. But thanks to the phone app called HERE (which by the way is an app developed by Nokia and is still useful even without internet service), I was able to breeze through the trip via C5. 

As soon as we arrived we prepared everything on the table.  For the life of me, I wanted to knock myself on the forehead for not checking out Pinterest. I wanted my first pop up to look rustic or picnic like even but this is the best I came up with, with the limited time I had to come up with other ideas. 

The dishes I prepared for this event? I did Slow cooked Pork Belly with 2 kinds of gravy - Creamy mushroom and Apple raisin. It was served as a complete meal, with macaroni salad to complement the dish. I also prepared Chili Tuna Pasta, Coco Custard cups, and Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips.

Slow cooked Pork Belly set meal 

All in all I had fun, am sure our nanny Sheila and my youngest son Alloy enjoyed themselves too! We almost burned the rice though as I just noticed. that part of my warmer was missing so, that the bottom of my warmer was directly in contact with the can of wax that I used. It was my first and I am ever so grateful for Good Meal Hunting for giving me this kind of opportunity and exposure!

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