Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A 10-minute conversation with my son

My son, coming home from school one day, was so silent and seemed to be contemplating on something. So i asked what was bothering him but for a while there I felt like he was sort of figuring out whether it was a good topic or not. Then he suddenly said "Mommy kakainis po kasi yung kaklase kong babae hingulangot ng hingulangot sa harap ko!" ("Mom you know my seatmate who is a girl, keeps cleaning her nose in front of me and it's  very bothersome").  I felt relieved that it was something that trivial but at the same time almost fell from my chair laughing. This was the flow of our conversation:

 Me: (still smilng) "Anong ginawa mo? May sinabi ka ba sa kanya?" (So what did you do? What did you say to her?)

My son: (still agitated) "Wala po. Sabi ko lang wag niya ipahid sa upuan ko." (Nothing. I just told her not to wipe her booger on my chair)

My son: "Mommy bakit po ganun, hindi po siya nahihiya mag kulangot sa harap ko?" (Mommy, why is she like that, she does not even feel ashamed of cleaning her nose in front of me?)

Me: "Hindi ko alam anak e, baka meron siyang nakikita na ginagaya niya" (I wouldn't really know son, perhaps she sees it from someone?)

My son: "Ay oo nga po pala kasi nakita ko yung nanay niya nung sinundo siya ganun din" (Oh yeah, I remember seeing her mom doing the same thing)

Me: Ngek!

End of conversation. hahaha 

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