Friday, January 14, 2011

from career woman to domesticity

It's Friday and sad to say the last day of our weekend huhuhu tomorrow is another working day. So I am going to make sure that I savor every second with my husband and kids. I am currently washing while blogging on the side, the second batch of our laundry (while they are asleep) which, would include heavy jeans, bed covers and blankets. We have limited space for hanging clothes so I have to do the laundry this way. Good thing my eldest daughter was such a big help yesterday, while I was at work, she made sure that the first batch has gone through the first laundry process. So when my husband and I came back from work, all i needed to do was rinse the clothes. :) 

I wish our big boss changes his mind and have both Thursdays and Fridays off or make Thursday a half day even, so that we can spend enough quality time with our family. I think I may need to introduce the concept of having a "Work-Life balance" in the next couple of months...  :)

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