Thursday, January 13, 2011

11,000,001th OFW

I am now officially among the 11 million Filipino Overseas workers abroad. Yep! I made it through that interview almost 2 weeks ago. I accepted the job as I wanted to have the kind of work experience that the hotel is offering, it was near my husband's work place and it's a plus that the hotel is a 10-minute walk from our flat.  During the first 3 days I did nothing but observe, look through the files, and see what process needed improvement and whatnot. After the "initiation" I was then asked to do real work... everything was a haze. Having no HR experience added pressure; it's a good thing though that my boss encourages me to ask him anything about the work that will be entrusted to me process by process in due time. 

I've been jobless since June of last year and if you read my previous blogs you'd know why. It is also the first time that I would have to juggle in between domestic chores and  work. As most of you know I had a nanny back home who took over most of the domestic chores including tutoring my kids. I realised now, how hard it must have been for my mom when we were younger. She was a teacher and a mother at the same time, and having no maid, I remember clearly now how she would, coming home from work, go and tend to our laundries and cook at the same time while making sure my sisters and I do our homework. It's the same scenario for me :) and it's doubly hard because we only get 1 day off from work. Thursday (which is our last day of the work week) becomes laundry day and normally we get to finish late in the evening. So that leaves only the whole of Friday to take our much needed breather. 

So far, the work is boss is very supportive when it comes to my ideas. He encourages me to be creative and to think out of the box. I hope each day I work is an opportunity to do learn more...and to know more about the people I will be working with and the company I am working for. Oh and by the way, there are only 2 Filipinas working in the hotel  (there's our GM's Executive Secretary and myself) then if am not mistaken, 3 Filipinos (2 of them works in the kitchen while the other Filipino works as a gym instructor at the same hotel.

Well, so good! Let this be the start of a rewarding career... While yesterday was the "World's local bank"...  today it's, "Leave the rest to us!" 

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