Friday, January 14, 2011

Walking the distance

It would have been a lot cheaper if I can only walk from our flat to the hotel but since my husband's work schedule is 30 minutes earlier he can't walk with me going to work besides they have a shuttle service that takes him to his office so that's 10 riyal less as compared to taking the cab. My first week of work was a big sacrifice for him, as he had to drop me off work while his attendance is often sacrificed. So what my husband did was to look for someone who can drop me off at the office. We pay 100 riyal one way per month for the service whilst going home is not a problem as what my husband do is pick me up and we just walk home together. I find this good!  It's our form of exercise and our quality time together. Too bad we can't be seen holding hands in public or else we would have walked that way. :)

Yesterday on our way home, my husband began to dream again... now he dreams of getting a car. My husband is a good dreamer so I believe he will begin making that into reality. Inshallah... In the meantime, we'll just have to walk the distance while we weave dreams for our family.

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