Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year with Donny & Marie

I woke up New Year's morning with a song in my head from Donny and Marie Osmond's show back in the...never mind... hahaha  I just so love that song which they always rendered before they say goodnight to their audience and televiewers. Let me share with you the lyrics and a video I found on You Tube :)

May tomorrow be a perfect day
May you find love and laughter along the way
May God keep you in His tender care
Till He brings us together again.

May the sun shine deep within your heart
When sorrows bring sadness and tears would start
May the memory of the love we share
Reassure you that someday, somewhere.

We'll walk hand in hand, the time is very near
The moments we long for are almost here
I'll be with you, you'll be with me
Together we'll love once again.

Sigh...I can sing this song over and over and would never ever tire of it! 

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