Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baking buddies

My husband has a acquired a newly found interest in baking fresh bread since he bought our first oven. Two weeks prior we were in Carrefour buying some stuff for the house and he asked me whether I wanted a water dispenser or an electric oven. I wanted so much to say "electric oven" but I did not want to impose i mean to outwardly...obviously impose hahaha. So I made him choose instead. I showed him two sides of the coin and told him to think about the benefits that he can get if  a) he chose to buy the water dispenser or b)  if he chooses the oven.  I helped him by saying that the water dispenser can give him hot or cold water and that's it; whereas if we have the electric oven I can bake goodies, and roast chicken...etc... He did not need too much prodding and talked to the first salesman he saw on the floor hehehe. Wagi! (Success!) hahaha

The next day coming home from work he handed me recipes for baking various breads, cookies, brownies and other recipes that he downloaded from the internet. His darn interest and excitement was just too infectious, already I, too, was excited to start the "pin" rolling.

He baked his first pandesal one antsy pantsy thursday night...

I jokingly told my husband that he probably was a Panadero (Baker) in his previous life :)

Lookit those cute litte things!

Ready for baking

smells good!!!

my husband's first pandesal customer :)

The next day my "baker husband" made Monay and this time he recruited our kids :)

Baking buddies

too busy to see me taking their pictures

Ready for baking 

the finished product which our kids named as Monay Swordcheese,
Monay Sweetheart, Monay Fried chicken cheese, while my husband
named his creation - Monay croissant, Monay long john and Monay donut LOL

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