Friday, August 26, 2011


I was going through some blogs that I have not published for one reason or another. The reason these blogs are still in my editing tab is either because I was too busy to go back to it or such was an incident that happened eons ago. Yet old news is definitely still newsworthy and I stumbled into this which I realised I've been meaning to published 2 weeks back. Read on...

Almost a year ago and a couple of days to the last quarter of the 2011 I felt terribly sad to be leaving friends behind. I expected that making friends in a country alien to foreign women going out at their own liberty, would be doubly tough and that I'm wont to just staying indoors and "behind the scene' so-to-speak. It's a good thing that I was still able to work for even  5 months because that paved way to forming a very good bond with Kay. 7 months ago being the only female at the HR department who was tasked to organise the files from scratch and to assist in the improvement of an existing system, my boss felt that I needed an assistant. So I went on a rampage to hire someone who shared my own "work principles". I did not have to wait for long because out of 4 interviews, I knew that Kay was the person I wanted to work with. (refer to previous article I WILL SURVIVE

And the rest is history, what started out as a need to have an assistant sealed our faith, we have grown to be very, very good friends. I continue to rejoice in the Lord and in the fact that He has sent an angel into my life! :)

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