Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Expats Arabia where the sun is smiling. This should be your ultimate site where you can advertise your stuff for free! And when I say everything, I mean everything under the glare of the sun! I am using it now to advertise my baked goodies and in the near future perhaps my food delivery service. Back in the Philippines I used to deliver sandwiches, pasta and other packed meals in the office. I also used to cater food to some schools and small establishments and for friends. Websites where you can advertise for free are very useful for entrepreneurs like me. is practically a new site but with a lot of promise. Not only does it work well, but it too is user friendly and is arranged in a very organized way that it would be easier for future customers to find your stuff! Not only is it an e-place where people can engage in business but it is where you can advertise job openings, services, rental service, flats and apartments you would like to rent out, etcetera... the future is limitless! 

Everyone is invited! Be one of the firsts to sign up and have a unique email address that you can use for correspondences as well, without compromising your private email address. Go and visit!

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