Sunday, August 7, 2011

Midnight musing

It's almost 2am and I am nowhere around being sleepy. I recall falling asleep around past 9pm last night while massaging my son's aching arms and suddenly woke up worried about the baked macaroni i left on the table to cool. There is just so much to share again but I could not even begin thinking where to start. I have been without internet connection for more than a month since my free connection suddenly got lost. It has been such a gruelling month for me and to think that in the past there was no such thing as an internet connection, or a blog, or facebook even. Now just the thought of going through the normal humdrum of waking up, preparing my family's packed lunch, breakfast, domestic chore, dinner etc etc without these wonderful internet stuff is kind of freaking me out hahaha. I am too attached to technology :) 

It's really warm here in my mini office even with the aircon running then I realised that it must be searing outside as I hear a couple of hammer pounding at the construction site across the road. I remember my husband telling me that since the start of Ramadan all construction projects has been stopped and are being done after their last prayer for the day. Actually this is true for all business and commercial institutions. Office time is shorter and all shops are closed during the day. Remember they pray 5 times a day and this is normal however, during Ramadan they practice fasting until around 6:30 pm. It is only from this time onwards that the Muslims are allowed to eat as they celebrate their holy month. Anyways, back to my must be really tough to work as a construction worker in this country, under the angry heat of their mideastern sun. Already it is hard to go outdoors what more if you have to be physically involved in  construction "work", right? It's just too hard to think about how they could stand the heat of the sun and be paid too little for it. Although am pretty sure that what these people are currently receiving are more than what they earn in their own country; still I would not want to be them in a country with just too much heat. Just to give an example to those who have not gone here, the heat is just too much that we have to store water in the pail and have them cool down overnight. If we fail to do that we would have to endure very very hot water for bathing which is bad for the scalp and the skin. Really!

It's getting stuffy in here so I do have to park this for now...

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