Saturday, October 30, 2010

Salah and Carrefour

My husband and I decided to bring our kids to one of the shopping centers in the city...Carrefour. It was a big mall similar to Megamall I think. Carrefour has a wider selection of grocery items and they even have a bakeshop that sells all kinds of bread including Pandesal. My children's heads must have made a 360-degree turn as they saw all kinds of cheeses, nuts, chocolates, and cakes. My husband and I had to take turns telling the children in jest not to put too much in the grocery cart as we might end up selling them in exchange for the grocery items they want to buy :)

We were not able to go around as we made the mistake of doing our grocery shopping first. And since we had a lot of bags on hand we all just decided to go home. On our way there and back home I took some pictures via my mobile phone which I will be posting as well. In this country, we are unable to go out anytime we want as we need to observe their Prayer time or what they call as Salah. Salah is done at intervals within the day. So if Salah is, let's say, at 4pm then we can only go to the mall 30 to 45 minutes after.


The city by night

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