Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our family's first day out

Saturday is considered as the country's first day of work, and since it was no longer a weekend, my husband decided to just ask permission from his manager to allow him to take us to IPSA and their company hospital. We left the flat just after lunch and once out my children and I felt the scorching heat. Surprisingly, we did not even perspire that much. There are no jeepneys, buses or any other mode of transportation except the cabs. My husband warned me that we have to be discriminate when it comes to hailing cabs as there are cab drivers who would take advantage and bring their passenger(s) to the dessert to rob or hurt them or worst. We first went to the company hospital, my children and I were again awe struck with the building’s interior and exterior. Everything...the ceilings and the floors were so lavishly designed. It was like walking into a palace...had it not said SAAD Outpatient building outside we would not have known that we were inside a hospital.

We just stayed a short bit and went straight to IPSA to enroll the kids. We were a bit apprehensive because we left during the exams week and we were not too sure whether they would be accepted as late enrollees. When we arrived at IPSA, the kids were sort of practicing for an event which we later found out to be their upcoming Foundation Day. We spoke with the school’s Registrar and as we explained everything to them was relieved to know that our kids shall not be refused but will have to take some sort of exam that will breeze them through the 2nd quarter. Already the children are quite excited. We arranged for their school bus as well and after which ate at McDonald’s.

We were again caught by surprise at McDonald’s the building is separated into two, one portion of the building was reserved for Families and the other half was for bachelors. The family rooms were divided by curtains where families can eat in private. Much to our delight, the soda and fries that are considered as medium size back in the Philippines are regular sized here. Plus you get the mayo for free, back home I needed to pay 12 or 15 pesos to have one small container of mayo (chicken sauce).

I have visited 3 countries, Malaysia, Japan and Saudi Arabia being the 3rd, and every time was a new experience. I hope to be able to visit more countries in the future with my husband and children. It should be exciting that way... to make your children aware that there are other countries, that differs in race, beliefs and culture but build the same dreams like everybody else...

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