Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Antsy Pantsy

Am getting antsy.... I want to go out but I can't just do so anytime I want to. My kids and I have been seeing just the 4 corners of the room in our flat hence, I regret forgetting the books I wanted to bring along now I have nothing to read. It's quite fortunate that we have internet and television for the kids. I wanted to keep my kids busy by doing some art stuff because I brought all my materials with me. We have used up the unused folders here...I just hope my husband does not forget to bring us some scratch papers. I feel awful for letting the kids watch tv but I could not think of any other activity they can do. It's a good thing though that it is laundry day today so, I asked my 2 kids to help me out. I'm done with the laundries, and while on it was able to finish 2 articles today :) am just going to rest for a couple of minutes before I go ahead and iron the clothes.  The thing about washing clothes here is that the clothes get dry so fast you don't have to wait the whole day.

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