Sunday, May 29, 2016

Building courage

Back in the days I was casted for a play after auditioning for a role. I did not tell anyone about it because I wanted it to be a surprise. As soon as I got the role, I excitedly told my mom about it. The excitement turned into a defeated acceptance of having to go back and turn the role down. With shoulders slumped I had to yield to the belief that I cannot perform and study at the same time. Over the years I had a few bosses telling me that my proposed project cannot be done. And then later on find them owning it themselves. Oh I have had good bosses too! Those who allowed me to grow into my job, the ones who unselfishly trained me so that I could be better at what I do. That is probably why I did not allow these setbacks to deter me. But sometimes when I can no longer help it, I just cave in.

So there are those days when I find myself facing blank walls. No longer able to think. Just wanting the days to pass by quickly.  We let the dawn cover the sprightly morning because sometimes it is just easier to submit oneself to circumstances. Am still trying to find my way around this. Definitely, I would not want to reach the end of my life without having to ultimately reach my goal or tug at my life’s purpose. At the same time that I would not want my children growing up knowing that they have limited capabilities. Unsure of themselves. Without a purpose driven life.

One time my daughter, who is currently in College, asked my permission if she could join a school org that will require constant physical exhaustion and days of practices. I was so tempted to just say No! But I refused to. As parents we have to let our children reach their peak potentials, break barriers, and never be afraid to try. I am not saying that this is applicable to everything. No! Your child or children need to know that there is a difference between activities that would contribute to their betterment and to those that would only pull them to the gutter. My children know this and I have been very vocal about my stand on certain issues. We should always be ready to ignite even the tiniest spark if we want our kids or our spouse to succeed in life.  I would like to believe that I am guiding them, and supporting them not pushing them to stop living.

I know a couple (both doctors) who I certainly admire for being so supportive of each other and their children. I think that is the best ingredient in brewing a family of succesful people. So to the husbands who cheer their wife on ... continue doing so! Your wife will appreciate the encouragement. To parents who support their children's interests continue to motivate them they will value that as they grow up.

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