Monday, May 23, 2016

Career goals

It is fortunate when you find a good company to work for but blessed when you get a boss who will guide and teach you all throughout your corporate journey! Am just glad my former manager has turned out to be a good friend even after all these years.

It pays when you have good work ethics, when you have focus, when you plan ahead, when you actually plan for a goal. You just don't say you have a goal and do something else. You stick to that goal and hold on for dear life! You don't complain how life has been hard for you and yet be too self-absorbed with things that will not help you prosper in both your personal life and your career. You don't feel sorry for yourself and yet do the opposite. You don't let yourself and everyone think that you are a victim of circumstances. Rise above that and be a blessing to those around you and not just a burden for others bear.

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