Saturday, May 28, 2016

On fire!

Am in Hell's Kitchen! All these fire. Today I decided to turn on the heat in my little kitchen! Yes this is how it is when my energy is restrained or when it is confined to hollow spaces. I think I do better when pushed to the wall. So this afternoon I decided to make custaroons, like the ones that are popular in the malls. born out of Ms. Gigi Gaerlan's creative mind! I love them custaroons and have dilly dallied trying to make some at home. The recipe is the same all over the internet and since this is my first time to do it, I have no way to tweak the recipe yet. So am just going to include links in here that you may find useful.

Adora's box was my first point of reference then went on to another Hapag Kainan just to compare well both turned out the same everything. So like I said, I am trying this one first and will do another set should I find some tweaky moments for this recipe!

Right now I have to hurry lest my children sees this haha am sure these will be gone in a few when I want it stored in the fridge first!

I hope I did justice to the recipe :) 

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