Sunday, June 26, 2011


My youngest son celebrated his 6th birthday at the new flat that we are to transfer to in the next couple of days. My son has been requesting for a Jollibee birthday party since last year but we never got to doing it because our budget that time was for the sole purpose of joining my husband here in Saudi Arabia. We finally were able to this year, but since the Jollibee branch here is small our only option is to have it delivered to school or to our new flat. Hubby decided to have it done in the new flat so that we can invite our friends too. I baked or rather steamed my 2nd cake (i do wish i already have an oven! sigh!). Overall the kids can't complain, though there were not enough chairs for our guests everything went fine. We had cheeseburgers, spaghetti and ice cream delivered from Jollibee and we added Fawaz broasted chicken as part of our son's birthday menu. 

We had so much untouched food left hence, we distributed them to friends, neighbors, and then some :) The next day, which was his actual birthday I baked/steamed another cake, prepared pasta and since there was still untouched broasted chicken left, I "made over" the left-overs". The broasted chicken I sauteed in olive oil, lots of tomatoes and garlic, which turned out well. :)

To my youngest son, this post may be a tad delayed but I just want you to know that you bring so much sunshine to my life. My mornings are brighter everytime you greet and hug me at the same time, you are my levelheaded child, the one always with a smile, a joke, and a story and if there is one movie line that I can would be from Jerry Maguire ... "You complete me :)"  There is not a single day that I thank our Lord for giving me this responsibility of taking care of you and rearing you up. I love you very very much son! Keep smiling...keep shining...(knowing you can always count on me)

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