Monday, June 27, 2011

Putting on a Brave Front

We've been to the doctor this morning and were told that the procedure has been scheduled tomorrow, 28 June 2011 at 6:00 in the morning. I don't really mind if I have to wake up a lot earlier than usual even though I know I would lack from sleep again tonight. I am aware that the surgery is a routine one and have been assured, but it's those simple procedures where things might go wrong. I remember when I was still employed at HSBC, we were constantly reminded by our manager that we have to be vigilant and have to focus on our Lost and Stolen calls. Why? Because these are the calls where we don't need to think much; our opening and closing spiels are almost like a chant as we say them on each and every call. These kind of calls are such that we can do them even with our eyes closed. Our manager added that it is in the simplest things that major errors can happen. And it's true, one time I had a Lost and Stolen call where I totally "lost" it! Instead of cancelling the lost card of the customer I cancelled the one that was with him. So you can just imagine how he reacted when I told him about it. Hence, my anxiety...

Thus, I call on everyone to join me in prayer as I say....

Heavenly Father Author of Life, Healer of Wounds, Source of Abundance, Unconditional Love and Mercy, please hold Ranel Allen Francis C. Viana Jr., in the palm of your hand and look at his adenoids and tonsils more closely, examine it, heal it, strengthen the weak parts, reconnect the areas that are loose, mend it and make him new again. Please direct, guide and bless the hands, minds, eyes, and instruments of the team of professionals, the ENT surgeon/specialist,  the anaesthesiologists, specialized nurses, medical attendants assigned to do the surgery tomorrow / today and every person that touches him. Invite them to focus their minds to the tasks at hand and make each one of them perform their assigned tasks O Lord perfectly and precisely attuned to your command as the Great Conductor, Divine Healer and Comforter.O Holy Spirit and Comforter breathe love and peace to the family and love ones, that they may continue to feel your warmth and love on this day of the surgery. Assure them that Ranel Allen Francis C Viana, Jr. will be healed fast and soon as he will continue to serve you in the ministry you called him to do for the proclamation of Christs' goodness, grace and mercy. We call on the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, all the angels and saints in heaven, especially St. Monica today. We lift up our prayers in the Name of God the Father, God the Son, in union with God the Holy Spirit who lives forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer from: Touching the Soul 

This morning while the kids were waiting for their carpool, I heard my older son say to Allen "Allen ooperahan ka may tatanggalin sa ilong mo, masakit yun. Gagamitan nila ng pambunot ng buhok ipapasok diyan sa ilong mo tapos bubunutin yung adenoids." (Allen, you will be operated on, the doctors will remove something from your nose and that would be very painful. They will use a tweezer which they will insert through your nose to remove your adenoids).  See??? how comforting his kuya (elder brother) sounded? I was tempted to pull him by his ears away from my youngest son but I just stood still. I wanted to know how my youngest would react. And to my surprise, he laughed and saw the funny side of it. My son is brave indeed even more than I think I am.  Putting on a brave front since this morning is such a herculean task where my youngest son is involved. Sigh.

Anyway, I have been briefed that my son should not eat or drink anything after 12 midnight. That we must tell them immediately should my son have cough or colds so that they can postpone the surgery. I told my son everything, and he asked me if it would be painful. I explained to him that he will be given a medicine that will make him sleep so that he won't feel the pain. I just told him about his grandmother's text message this morning. That she underwent the same procedure when she was his age. His reaction "E di sige po Mommy tutulog na lang ako agad para hindi ako masaktan" (Ok fine mommy, I will just sleep so that I won't feel any pain.) Or....

He'll probably do this again :)

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