Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Tonsil" Town

We arrived at the hospital at around 5:40 am
 as  the schedule written
on the admission slip was at 6am only to
find out that the surgery will be
at 9am. It's hospital policy that a patient has
to be there 3 hours prior.

Changing time; my son smiling not knowing
 really what lies ahead

frown he did when he was asked to smile :)
Playing with his daddy's phone to while away the time

first hospital meal for the day arrived...but not for my little one.
we were advised not to give him anything prior to his surgery

too busy to notice that food has arrived (though not for him)

preparation has started; here he was orally given a
 mild sedative 

my baby as he is wheeled into the O.R. now I feel a
 lump in my throat...

After the surgery, nurse said the first time he opened his eyes
 he cried a lot because he was looking for me :(

the culprit...

Parang lasing lang :) My "drunken" son
(how he was when he was given the mild sedative)

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