Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mixed nuts

I've let 2 months pass my blog by hence, was not able to share bits and pieces of important events in the month of May. So in a nutshell i would like to share how we spent my husband's birthday which was co-celebrated with Mother's Day. That particular day I tried my hand on my first steamed chocolate cake which worked well. And that my husband and children would truly attest to, as we only had the cake for several hours from the time I baked...well steamed it. I prepared Pancit canton (Chinese stir fried noodles), Chili garlic shrimps, mini sandwiches, gelatin and of course, the birthday cake.

I bought my husband a watch which he chose himself while he gave me an AB Roller which I requested. It was even nicer that my husband and kids helped assemble it.

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