Friday, June 3, 2016

School's cool!

When my son told me last year that he wanted to take the entrance exams at the Makati Science high school, I was pleasantly surprised! That time I was giving more weight on what the scholarship would mean to our growing expenditure. Imagine all 288 incoming 7th graders will not only be granted free education, but would also be provided books, school supplies, school uniforms and a pair of school shoes absolutely free! In addition to that, the scholars shall be receiving a monthly stipend. Is that cool or what?! But then my perspective changed after I've attended their Parent's orientation. I must admit though, that I was really looking forward to attend. I think I wanted to see what the government funded school had to offer. So attend I did and boy! Was I impressed! They were very thorough in explaining what to expect and what they expected from us. They also explained in detail their grading system. Almost everything that we, as parents, wanted to know was discussed. So much so, that by the end of the session, only a few parents asked questions about items that needed clarification. Now that the platform has been laid, I feel that it is not only my husband and I who will benefit from having a scholar. It is our son who will benefit more from it all! And I, particularly, am happy that this is so. Getting everything free is just a bonus! What is more beneficial is what he will be learning as he progresses in the program. They used to have 11 subjects, this is because they have additional science and math subjects (so that’s 2 sciences and 2 mathematics). This year they added 2 English subjects in the curriculum. So that’s a total of 13 subjects that the scholars have to prepare for every quarter, not to mention the Performance tasks that they have to complete before the quarter ends. I know the competition will be stiff since these scholars are the cream of the crop of their former schools, most of them Valedictorians, if not one of the top 5 in class rank.

Anyway, after the orientation as my son and I were going home, I told him about what was discussed. I advised him that he should do his best as the school has a Retention program. Meaning to say that as expected, the scholars has to meet a certain criterion when it comes to their grades. Otherwise, if they do not pass the set grade requirement, then they will not be allowed to progress to the next grade level. I know my son can do it but just the same I wanted him to feel that getting into the program is no joke and that he’d have to work doubly hard if he wanted to remain a scholar. His reply? Gosh! It was priceless. He said “Mommy don’t worry, I am excited and I am very determined!”

So here’s wishing you the best my son! Don’t sit on your laurels! Go grab the gold and be an inspiration to your siblings and to your friends! We are already inspired by you!

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