Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Cabbie!

I rode a cab on my way home from the grocery. At first when I saw the shabby looking cab (not that I minded), I prayed that it would not have small la cucarachas running or flying around inside. But as soon as I went in, I was cheerfully greeted by the cabbie driver. I was surprised as he looked quite old to be working still. My first thought was this man should just be enjoying his grandchildren at his age. And so I rode we were silent for a moment. But that silence was broken when he told me how the traffic has worsened over the years. That started the ball rolling. I think people find it easy to talk to me. I am, as my husband tells me, a "magnet" to people who have stories to tell. 

Needless to say Lolo driver began telling me his. He's been a cab driver for 3 years, working prior to driving a cab. He has 8 children 2 of whom are working abroad and are both against him working. But Lolo Francisco (wow my namesake! Boy version) does not want to stop working. When I told him that he should be enjoying himself already, his reply was he does not want to stop working as he feels like he would get sick if he just stays home. And how his grandchildren would suddenly rouse him from a restful sleep by tapping on his face or shouting at the top of their lungs. He also mentioned that at his age, he still takes care of the education of his grandchildren. So he said with much conviction "Di ba di pa ako pwede tumigil magtrabaho? (See? I cannot be without work, right?) He said he pities his 2 daughters especially the youngest one who used to have a husband whom he wanted so much to inflict pain on with his bare hands. How he took care of separating them both than just stay in the background while his son in law makes a punching bag out of his daughter. 

Despite his sad story, I see how much he has retained his mirth! Confidently he shared how he is not taking any maintenance medication even at his age as he continues to eat vegetables. I cowered  in shame hahaha because despite being more than 20 years his junior, I must admit that he is healthier by far than I am.Anyway, Lolo driver and I shared what should have been a 20-25 minute ride from SM Makati to my place but took an hour because of the earthquake drill. Honestly, I did not mind the halt along Ayala Avenue that day. I learned a lot from this happy and humble Lolo driver.

People from all walks of life amazes me but it is the stories of old people that I love listening to. So thank you Lolo driver for sharing me your story, your zest for life, and your attitude about work! I said a little prayer for you as you brought me back home.

Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years. 
- Ausonius -

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