Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My witch's brew

I get so frustrated with my skin as it is often a play between being dry or oily. I think the last time I had ultra soft and really very good skin was when I was a baby 😂  So, for the longest time I have searched far and wide for the best skin soap and the best moisturizer for my face. Truth be told it's been a long and arduous path! And very frustrating most times! Then one day, while buying at Watson, I absentmindedly picked up a soap, I was reading through the label when the cashier told me that it was on sale. From the price of P300 or P500 (not sure), it was now being sold for P50; the box contained 2 bars. 

I've forgotten all about the darn soap as I was following my doctor/friend's advise to use milk cubes on my face and nothing else. Anyway, one night coming from a tiring trip, I felt the need to wash my face. I used the soap which, was unscented by the way. I continued using it for a couple of days and noticed that the rashes I have on my face has diminished by around 50% as my rashes used to be bumpy and red angry. After using the said soap, the bumps are gone but my face was still "rosaceous", if there was even such a word! hahaha Yes am inventing words here! I still needed a good moisturizer though, but the moisturizers I've been using are causing my face to break out. Hence, I tried olive oil which was ok but I felt I needed something more. So the other day I prepared my own natural concoction. I blended one (1) whole avocado, around two (2) tbsp of olive oil, and one (1) lemon with the pulp. I used my blender to cream my concoction. I started using it last night so let's see what happens in the following days. When I woke up this morning, I could still feel a few patches of rough skin. I'm going to give myself a week of this treatment, if it goes well (which I hope it would, since am using natural ingredients) then I shall use it to moisturize my skin. I have not told my doctor/friend about my "witch's brew" though 😂.

I'm not promoting or anything and am not even being paid for this article. Am just sharing something so that people with the same skin problem can look into as well. Am posting my photo to make sure we all get to check how well my "concoction" would work. Give me a week won't you?

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