Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cool Kuya

And so we celebrated our youngest son's 11th birthday at The Nook, (AGAIN!) We really had no plans of leaving the house that day as I was thinking of holding a joint celebration the next day, which was also Father's day. But as it turned out, my eldest son would not hear of it. He said it was his younger sibling's birthday and he wanted him to enjoy. He offered to spend his gift money for his baby brother. I was really touched! I seem to be doing something right with my kids! I agreed because I would like to teach my kids a valuable lesson - taking care of each other.

Our favorite!
Triple S Pasta
My husband only likes his sardines with rice, so we got him this :)

 Now this is the bomb! Underneath all those fried potatoes is a big hotdog on a bun!

Nook Overload

I love almost anything with cheese! But I guess it would be nice if they'd change the cheese they use on this sandwich. Perhaps something with a bit tangy. Perhaps next time I can request them not to put the parmesan,
Grilled cheese panini

These bacon wrapped chicken are also yummy! Served with maple syrup :)

Our tummies enjoyed the food! Our eyes feasted on the place (yep even if it was our second time)! I could see that even my husband enjoyed himself too! All in all everybody had a good time! The place usually opens at 1pm but we were really lucky that day as we were allowed to go inside even if it was an hour or so before opening. So thank you so much Kuya Alloy for being a part of your younger brother's birthday! Your gesture certainly made it into Allen's treasured memories! Thank you for being a good kuya to Allen, your daddy and I love you so much!


Zwitsy said...

AWwww, that's so sweet! Your son is indeed a kuya. I hope that if I'll get married soon and get to raise a family, sure that my son will be a kuya then, I hope he'll be like your son too. :)

Fernando Lachica said...

Such a happy birthday celebration with touching moment for brothers. Wish them luck altogether that, one day, they're living in an adult life. The food looks yummy!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Awww what a sweet Kuya, now where is my slice of Cake? Happy birthday!

Teresa Martinez said...

Any celebration like your son's birthday is made more memorable by a kind gesture from a family member.

carenmeman said...

Yes he is such a dear! I hope he will always be that way :)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

That's so sweet!! Belated happy Birthday to your son. I hope I could take my daughters to The Nook soon.

carenmeman said...

Thanks Peachy! Yes bring them make sure thag you go there before 1pm. People starts lining up by 12noon.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Happy birthday to your son. Nothing beats when celebrating a birthday with just family. We often do that especially with my son who does not have to have birthday party. The food looks delish especially the pasta.

Ria C said...

That is such a kind gesture from your older son sis. And yes, you did a good job raising well-mannered and loving kids. :) Kudos to you and your hubby! Happy birthday to your youngest. :)